Our name was inspired by German mythology and folklore tales of creatures only a few feet tall, goblin like in nature who would often help finish up tasks humans couldn’t get done before bedtime.

Kobolds would inhabit less frequented areas of the house and would sometimes play tricks on homeowners if they felt neglected or insulted.  A common place you’d find a Kobold was the beer cellar. These Kobolds were known as Biersals and would often help brew beer and do the clean up in the cellar as long as they were offered their daily jug of beer.  

Kobolds are also prevalent in games like Dungeons and Dragons as characters similar to goblins.  They are usually portrayed as aggressive and industrious, and are praised for their skills at building traps and preparing ambushes.

We’ve tried to evoke some imagery in our Kobold beer names from the vision we have of creatures, lurking around in dark places at night, maybe being helpful but also perhaps performing some act of treachery.   With that in mind, please enjoy our Crooked Fate IPA, the Lawful Evil Barrel Aged series, Oathbreaker Baltic Porter, Dark Stalker Stout, Kobalos ICDA and our Dragon’s Blood IIRA.


This original artwork and poem was created by Jessica Thaxton.