Crooked Fate IPA (ABV:6.5 – IBU:60)

This is a hop forward, well balanced IPA that starts with an aroma of flowers, citrus and pine. The five hops and extensive dry hopping are evident in the bursting aroma and mouth watering first sip.  The specialty malts add a nice biscuit/toast note to the flavor.  The malts and hops work in harmony, finishing perfectly.

K-Juice Double IPA (ABV: 8.8 – IBU: 85)

Copious use of Azacca, Eldorado and Citra hops give this big beer an amazing tropical fruit flavor.  From the first aroma to the last sip, K-Juice is sure to please.  Why hassle peeling a mango or cutting up a pineapple when K-juice is on tap.  Immerse yourself in this tropical fruit wonder.

Mosaic Single Hop IPA (ABV:6.6 – IBU:60)

A beer genius friend wanted a single hop Mosaic IPA and I thought “cool, let’s do it”. The Mosaic hop was created from Simcoe and Nugget hops and is complex and aromatic. Our goal was to keep it dank and hoppy. This UNFILTERED brew will have hop haze, adding to its great flavor and mouthfeel. Earthy, floral and fruity, this is an awesome IPA. We kept the bittering at bay to put the hops on display.

Safe Passage Session IPA (ABV:4.4 – IBU:52)

This brew is aromatic and easy to drink. Don’t let the low alcohol fool you; this session IPA is full of flavor. Enjoy the citrus, pine and floral aroma and taste. The late additions and dry hopping with Simcoe and Amarillo hops give this session attitude. Just like our local Safe Passage, don’t be fooled by the promise of the low ABV, enjoy the ride.

Mosaic SMaSH IPA (ABV:6.5 – IBU:65)

This SMaSH fuses a great malt body with a freakishly amazing hop. Vienna malt is rich and complex, presenting toasted notes and a hint of biscuit. Add to this the awesome aroma and flavor of Mosaic hops and you get a delicious brew. The tropical fruit and pine aromas of Mosaic are irresistible. These aromatics carry over into the flavor and are accompanied by an earthy, dank, resinous character. This combo of malt and hop is a home run and at 6.5 and 65, you’ll want another.

Kobold Bohemian Pilsner (ABV: 4.8 – IBU: 41)

This Bo Pils drinks clean, crisp, and light, yet has great flavor.  Catch a little bready or graham cracker-like flavor and a bit of spiciness in the great German style beer.  The Saaz hops add some spice and floral character creating an easy drinking delicious beer.

3rd Street Cred Red Ale (ABV:  5.5 – IBU:34)

Cred begins with pine, floral and citrus aromas, followed by the same wonderful flavors.  The Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade dry hop additions give this beer an amazing up front impact.  It has a perfect malty red body and just the right bitter finish.  The hops and malts balance well and make this a very drinkable red ale.

Screeching Blonde Ale (ABV:5.0 – IBU:25)

Say hello to Kobold’s Blonde; it’s very approachable.With enough malt body to satisfy the palate, the beer remains easy to drink. This beer has light biscuit and honey flavors and a soft, slightly sweet maltiness to add to its complexity. The herbal and floral hops add perfect balance. This is flavorful, refreshing and a very drinkable summer ale.

Kobalos Imperial CDA (ABV:8.0 – IBU:75)

This Imperial Black IPA (aka ICDA) is remarkably flavorful. It starts with a burst of citrus and floral hops leading into a complex and delicious malt body. The balance is perfect for this big beer. Don’t fear the dark; the malt body doesn’t overwhelm, it blends well with the late addition Amarillo hops to create a delicious Imperial CDA. Enjoy the resinous, citrus and floral flavors at the beginning and end of the journey through this great beer.

Dragon’s Blood Imperial India Red Ale (ABV:8.8 – IBU:84)

This intense hoppy IIRA has a big malt body that balances out the intense hop additions. The Amarillo hops give it a spicy, floral and citrus-like aroma and flavor with an orange bouquet. This is a slightly fruity beer that finishes with a good bitterness and a little alcohol warming.

Krooked Kilt Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (ABV: 9.0 – IBU: 25)

This Wee Heavy strong Scotch ale is full of flavor and body.  This is a sweeter and full bodied beer with malty caramel and roasted malt flavor.  There isn’t much bitterness, just delicious bold maltiness with hints of molasses and smoke.

Krazy Haze IPA  (ABV: 7.9 – IBU: 51)

This hazy IPA is not as much of a meal as some of those hazy beers out there.  We used Simcoe, Meridian and Citra hops to create a hazy with a full body and mouth feel, but also the aroma of melon and citrus.  

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (ABV:6.6 – IBU:62)

This beer starts with a whiff of cocoa. The espresso addition gives the dark roasted malts some added complexity and great flavor. Oatmeal adds to the creaminess and superb body. The beer finishes dry with a hint of espresso and chocolate lingering. This is a well balanced and easy drinking stout for everyone to enjoy.

Oathbreaker Baltic Porter (ABV:8.6 – IBU:33)

This dark, complex, rich and velvety beer will satisfy.With a hint of chocolate and coffee deep in the background, there are notes of resinous floral, raisin, plumb and a bit of toffee. The malty body is balanced with just enough sweetness. The alcohol is warming and integrated well into the flavors of this delicious Baltic Porter.

Kobold Imperial Porter (ABV:7.7 – IBU:45)

This smooth, rich porter will impress. It’s a complex brew with beautiful dark fruit and cocoa aromas that jump right into the deep, rich flavors of raisin, plumb and toffee. The alcohol warms nicely and blends well into the flavors of this delicious Imperial Porter.

Merciless Russian Imperial Stout (ABV:9.7 – IBU:63)

Inspired by brewers in the 1800’s to win over the Russian Czar, this is the king of stouts. Black as the sky on a moonless night, this big beer boasts complex flavors of raisin, fig and chocolate. The massive body balances the big alcohol to make this a delicious beer that you can cut with a knife. Enjoy every sip of this beauty.

Lawful Evil Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (ABV:9.3 – IBU:62)

This Chocolate Oatmeal Stout was aged for several months in bourbon barrels and designed to be a drinkable barrel aged beer; not too boozy with but with great barrel flavor. The vanilla and oak show up in the first sip, then you get to enjoy a bit of bourbon flavor, followed by a nice chocolate finish. Oatmeal adds to the creaminess and superb body. This is a complex and delicious beer that aged phenomenally in the bourbon barrel.

Lawful Evil Dark Stalker Espresso Stout (ABV:9.2 – IBU:65)

Kobold Dark Stalker Espresso Stout aged for several months bourbon barrels. Designed to be a drinkable barrel aged beer; not over the top boozy and with great barrel flavors. The vanilla and wood essence delight the nose and first taste and blend well with the base stout. Even summer nights are chilly in central Oregon – sip this bourbon beer and stay warm year round.

Lawful Evil Kobalos Imperial Black IPA (ICDA)  (ABV: 9.5 – IBU: 75)

This Imperial Black IPA (ICDA) was aged for several months in bourbon barrels. Designed to be a drinkable barrel aged beer, the vanilla and wood essence delight the nose and the palate. The citrus and floral hops of the Kobalos CDA help accentuate the complex flavors of the bourbon barrel aged beer. It’s the perfect marriage of barrel and brew.

Lawful Evil Oathbreaker Baltic Porter (ABV: 10.2 – IBU: 33)

This dark, complex, rich and velvety beer will blow you away. It’s been aged in award winning Otis Weber Oregon Spirits Wheat Whiskey barrels. With a hint of chocolate and coffee deep in the background, there are notes of resinous floral, raisin, plumb and a bit of toffee. These flavors sit next to the awesome vanilla and oak from the barrel. The alcohol is warming and integrated perfectly into the flavors of this delicious Baltic Porter.